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Clogged Gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other debris that blows around your home eventually gets caught in your gutters. This leads to clogged gutters that cannot efficiently move water off your roof and away from your home.

Clogged gutters are a common problem, especially in the fall when trees drop their leaves, and they require someone to go up on the roof and clean them out so they don’t cause further issues.

Why Are Clogged Gutters a Problem?

Clogged gutters are more than just an annoying reason to get up on a ladder. If left unchecked, they can cause significant problems for your home.

If your gutters aren’t properly moving water through them, they cannot take that water away from your home and its foundation. This can cause erosion, and water can flood onto your foundation. Over time, this can lead to you experiencing leaking in your basement or attic space.

Gutters that are full of debris also are heavier than clear gutters, and leaving your gutters clogged for a period of time can cause the gutters to sag. This leads to more significant, pricey damage to your gutters.

K-Guard Leaf-Free Gutter Guards in Maryland

Why waste your time getting up on a ladder to clean out your gutters? Trust the professionals at Mid-Atlantic Gutters to prevent clogs before they every happen.

We use only the highest-quality materials, and our K-Guard Leaf Free gutter system ensures you won’t need to schedule gutter cleaning again. We are so confident in our gutters that we offer a triple-lifetime guarantee. Call now!

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