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Delaminated Shingles

If you’ve noticed that something doesn’t look quite right about the position of some of your roof’s shingles, you may be dealing with delaminated shingles.

This issue is caused by improper fastening and can show up at any point in your roof’s lifespan.

Modern shingles are made of two parts – the base and the “dragon tooth” overlay. These shingles are designed to be nailed into a specific area, increasing your roof’s overall wind resistance and ensuring that both parts of the shingle are attached to the roof.

When fasteners don’t penetrate both parts of the shingle, the base can separate. This is especially common in high-pitch roofs.

If you notice this issue, it’s possible to repair it without fully replacing your roof. However, if extra damage has been done because of delamination, such as water or mold damage, or the problem is widespread, you may need a roof replacement.

At Mid-Atlantic Gutters & More, our experienced team can look at the delamination on your roof and determine whether it can be repaired or needs a replacement. We will never recommend you replace your roof unless it absolutely needs it, so don’t worry about signing on for pricey replacements.

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