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K Guard VS Other Gutter Systems

K-Guard vs. Other Gutter Systems

If you’re looking for new gutters, you know you’ve got a ton of options to choose from. Some common gutter systems include traditional half-round gutters, gutter covers, filters/screens, and “complete” gutter systems. How do you know which one to choose?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how K-Guard gutters compare to other gutter systems. Whether you’re buying a home that needs new gutters or your current home’s gutters need to be replaced, we can help you narrow down your research. Read on to learn the differences between the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System and other gutter systems.

Half-Round Gutters

The older style of traditional gutters are known as half-round gutters. These are found on most homes that haven’t had a recent gutter replacement.

Half-round gutters mount to the fascia and even the roof, in rare cases, while K-Guard mounts above the floodplain. Mounting your gutters to the fascia or roof can cause separation, sagging, and other damage over time.

Downspouts and inside corners for half-round gutters also are sized differently from K-Guard. Traditional half-round gutters use 2×3″ downspouts, while K-Guard features larger 4×3″ downspouts.

The smaller downspouts don’t allow for proper drainage in heavy downpour, which can mean that rain will wash off the roof instead of through your gutters and down the downspouts. This can lead to leaking.

Gutter Covers and Filters/Screens

K-Guard often is confused with gutter covers and filters/screens, but they are very different.

Gutter covers and filters/screens are installed on top of a traditional half-round system. It’s a less expensive alternative to installing a K-Guard system, for example, especially if the half-round gutters are still in solid condition but the homeowner wants to avoid too much debris getting trapped. However, they don’t completely eliminate debris from entering the gutter system.

Filters/screens and gutter covers can keep larger debris, such as leaves and twigs, out of the gutter system. But this debris still may sit on top of the screen and lead to the inability of water to enter the system properly.

K-Guard, on the other hand, is a seamless product with a curved hood, larger gutters, and downspouts, all working together to keep debris out while allowing water to flow freely.

Other “Complete” Gutter Systems

There are other “complete” gutter systems on the market; however, they don’t offer the same durability and protection that the K-Guard system does.

The gutters and downspouts of these other systems are often smaller, so they have less capacity to move water than K-Guard does. These systems also can sag, causing your home’s fascia boards to rot and the gutters to pull away from the home. K-Guard, on the other hand, has trough support that won’t sag, a rear drainage channel protecting the fascia boards, and a lifetime warranty that your gutters won’t pull away from your home.

K-Guard Gutter System in Maryland

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