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Rotting Wood In Your Roof

Rotting Wood in Your Roof

When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, the roof is your first line of defense. That’s why, if you suspect you might have rotting wood in your roof, you could have a big problem on your hands.

In severe cases, rotted wood might be visible from the outside. But in many cases, the roof decking is covered by paint, eaves, or roofing materials which make it difficult to see. This is better for the appearance of your home, but disastrous for the internal structure. 

Because it can be so difficult to detect, rotting wood in the roof often goes unfixed until it develops into a larger problem. This could include:

  • Mold and fungal growth. Besides being gross, this can make symptoms of certain respiratory illnesses worse.
  • Leaks and water damage
  • Damage to insulation that decreases your home energy efficiency 
  • Damage to other home systems, such as the electrical
  • Cave-ins and collapses

Here is everything you need to know about rotting wood in the roof, and what you can do to fix it. 

What Causes Rotting Wood in the Roof?

There are a few things that cause roof rot. Most often, bad shingles letting in rain and snow can lead to rotting wood. Holes in the roof and poorly installed fixtures, such as skylights, can also be culprits.

Other causes might include humidity due to temperature changes in the attic, moisture from condensation, and ventilation problems.

How Can You Check for Rotting Wood?

Checking for rotting wood is not a part of regular home maintenance. Instead it should be done when you first purchase a new home, or if you start to notice leaks, moisture, or water stains inside your home. A really bad storm might also prompt inspection.

If you’re not afraid of heights, feel free to climb up to your roof and check for rot. Remove the top layers of the affected area and check the quality of the wood beneath. If you notice the wood is soft, spongey, crumbly, or cracking, this is a definite sign the decking is damaged.

Dark spots, a musty smell, and the presence of fungus (white, yellow, black, or gray growths) are a few other signs of wood rot to look out for.

Roofing Repair & Installation Services in Maryland

Rotting wood in the roof can be fixed as a DIY project. But if you’re not sure of your carpentry skills, you dislike being on the roof, or you simply have better ways to spend your weekend, it’s best to call the professionals. 

And for the best roof repair and installation services in Maryland, you should call Mid-Atlantic Gutters

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Roofing Repair & Replacement in MD

Mold or mildew in the attic is often a sign of a bigger problem. Mid-Atlantic Gutters & Roofing can help. 

We are a locally owned business that provides affordable and dependable roofing services that you can trust. Backed by lasting warranties, high-quality materials, and outstanding customer service, we are the supreme choice for roof repair and replacement.

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