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Average Cost Replacing Gutters

Your gutters perform an integral function of moving rain and melt water away from the foundation of your house. If your gutters are damaged, clogged, or otherwise failing, you could be putting the stability of your home at risk.

Gutter replacement can be a costly investment upfront, but by avoiding bigger structural issues down the line, you’re ultimately saving money. 

The price of gutter replacement depends on many factors, including the material you choose, the size of your home, and the laborers you hire. The most commonly chosen materials, aluminum or steel, can cost $4-$10 per linear foot. For an average house requiring about 150-200 feet of gutters, this can total about $1,300. 

If you choose to go with the more economical option, vinyl gutters, this will bring your price down to about $3-$6 per linear foot. The total for this project would be closer to $650.

On the other hand, if you went for the most expensive material, you would be choosing copper gutters for about $20 per linear foot. Keep in mind that this option is more durable and requires fewer repairs over time. 

DIY or Professional Gutter Installation?

Another major factor is whether you choose to DIY your gutter installation or hire the help of professionals.

DIY is an option for those looking to save a little money. But it is not always easy to pitch and connect the gutter parts correctly, and incorrect DIY installation could cause more issues that the effort is worth.

In addition, if you are scared of heights, unsteady on ladders, unfamiliar with tools, or otherwise uninterested in wasting a weekend installing gutters, you should hire professionals instead.

The cost of professional labor can add about $1,000 to the final total, but it depends on the specific contractor and their rate of service.

Gutter Services in MD & PA

For the most supreme gutter replacement and repair services in Maryland and Pennsylvania, call Mid-Atlantic Gutters & More!

We are exclusive providers of the trusted K-Guard Gutter System, a feature that will keep your gutters clean and working smoothly for decades to come. Established in 1988, we provide experience that you can trust, backed by fast and friendly service. 

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Gutter Replacement Professionals in Maryland

Mid-Atlantic Gutters & More is a professional gutter replacement company serving homeowners in Maryland. We have years of experience in the industry, and our team of certified and insured technicians can inspect and repair any type of gutter system.

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